International Distributor Management

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Current economic conditions, and what is predicted for the foreseeable future, is driving global expansion through international trade and will continue to flourish as companies explore opportunities beyond traditional markets as important vehicles for economic recovery and sustained growth and profitability.

To gain market access, a critical success factor is to understand local market entry requirements.

At BRANDTECH, we understand the South African healthcare environment and the needs of our customers and industry stakeholders, providing more than a cold business relationship – we provide the highest quality of service and professional care.

Through an exceptionally strong and unique network of local skills, market knowledge, based on unprecedented and unmatched operational experience within the South African health sector, BRANDTECH is able to provide you with the top-level service for all your international distribution needs.


At BRANDTECH, we understand the South African healthcare environment and the needs of our customers and industry stakeholders.

If required, to understand market dynamics and potential that will dictate market entry strategy, BRANDTECH can provide a market analysis that includes practical market information.

This market information is gathered through desk research in combination with direct feedback from interviewing local end users, buyers, distributors, and specialists.

BRANDTECH can tailor your market enquiry providing a market scan and distributor search that may offer any of, but not limited to, the deliverables below:

Healthcare market in general (structure, number of hospitals, demographics, etc.)

Market for medical devices and trends

Buying chain analyses for medical products

Regulatory and reimbursement system, processes, and requirements

Appetite for new technologies and probabilities for adoption

Competitive environment, market players and competing technologies

Profiles of market leaders

Relevant associations and events

Conclusions and recommendations

Distribution partner search and experience check

Business contacts and meeting planning

To identify prospective distributors best suited to representing you, the client, BRANDTECH will need to understand the client market strategy and preferred distributor profile. After the widest possible search, a short list of screened distributors that potentially match the client’s distributor profile will be presented.

Our qualification process includes contacting potential distributors providing them with relevant supplier and product information. BRANDTECH will interview each distributor to determine if the company has the resources, experience, and business potential to successfully market the client’s products. Through this process we identify companies with a sincere interest in the product(s) and provide an analysis of the top candidates as per the short list. Upon conclusion of the distributor search, and with a mandate to proceed, BRANDTECH will set up these contact meetings between the client and potential partner.

World Connect

Beyond successful conclusions of a new distribution partnership, BRANDTECH can continue to support market access and new business development efforts in support of you and your new distribution partners.

Let us help you with your international trade needs.