Current economic conditions, and what is predicted for the foreseeable future,  is driving global expansion through  international trade and will continue to flourish as companies explore opportunities beyond traditional markets as important vehicles for economic recovery and sustained growth and profitability.  To gain market access,  a critical success factor is to understand local market entry requirements .

BRANDTECH Healthcare Technology Consulting cc, is a Strategic Management and Market Access consultancy through an exceptionally strong and unique network of local skills, expertise and market knowledge, based on an unprecedented operational experience within the South African health sector, is able to provide you with the top level service for all your international trade needs.

At BRANDTECH we understand the needs of our customers and industry stakeholders and provide more than a cold business relationship with the provision of the highest quality of service and professional care. With this in mind, BRANDTECH offers the following services:

•Market Research (Qualitative and Quantitative), Competitive Intelligence

•Distributor, Buyer and Agent Search

•Business contacts and appointments

•Due diligence

•Relevant regulatory advice